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Citrix Solution AdvisorCitrix Solution Advisor

Servers & Storage / Networking

A Better Return on Your Investment. Streamline Your IT Operations.

Your data is your company’s primary asset. Protecting that data and the data infrastructure from ever increasing attacks is critical to keeping ahead in this market. Protecting it from accidental loss is also essential to your business.

Remote monitoring, management, and support

The pace of business change has never been greater. New markets, new products, new ways of connecting with customers—all require new IT services. To keep up, IT needs technologies that increase computing capacity and flexibility while holding the line on data center space, power and budget.

Converged infrastructure is taking center stage for IT infrastructure planners. And BladeSystems and virtualization are core elements. These technologies grow capacity and enable rapid response to business change.


Barracuda NetworksBarracuda Networks



Blades versus traditional rack servers 
Compared with rack servers, customers have discovered that blade servers simplify data center operations. Traditional infrastructure cannot deliver the density, shared resources, scalability, and overall efficiency of blades, which can reduce your data center costs by up to 68% and downtime by as much as 90%.