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Citrix Solution AdvisorCitrix Solution Advisor


Loss is Loss. No matter if it is stolen or lost.

Your data is your company’s primary asset. Protecting that data and the data infrastructure from ever increasing attacks is critical to keeping ahead in this market. Protecting it from accidental loss is also essential to your business.

  • Bandwidth Shaping
  • Content Filtering & Spam Services
  • Next Generation Firewall
  • World Class Intrusion Prevention


Intrusion Prevention
Stop threats before they are able to cause irreparable damage and data loss whether from the Internet or other threats.

Shield your network and internet connection from outside  attacks.

Data and email backup and archiving
On-site and off-site data is not only a safety issue, but in the case of email backup is a regulatory requirement in some instances.

Bandwidth monitoring and shaping 
Bandwidth is expensive. Control what applications and what traffic is utilizing your bandwidth and prioritize the important applications and throttle or completely block the unwanted traffic.

Spam Filtering
Decrease unwanted email while increasing protection from viruses and malware. No matter if you are using onsite or hosted email services, Spam Filtering can save time and money.


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