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Service Level Agreement (SLA)

In exchange for a one year commitment and a budgeted payment schedule, an SLA entitles clients to receive preventative maintenance and technical consulting at a discounted rate.

• Guaranteed 90-minute response time
• An Assigned Professional Consultant
• Regular Backup and Restore Validation 
• Security Software Update Confirmation
• Documentation of Maintenance Tasks 
• Current Online Summary of IT Information
• Inspection of Server Logs and Messages
• Web-based Online Task Manager System
• Development of Yearly Tech Plan
• Direct Phone Access to your Consultant
• A Discounted Preferred Rate for Services

Issues Addressed: 
Bandwidth Management
SPAM Prevention
Internet Regulation


Plan:                                              Discounted Hourly Rate:    

SVSLA4: 4 Hours/Month                         $125.00    
SVSLA8: 8 Hours/Month                         $122.50    
SVSLA12: 12 Hours/Month                     $120.00    
SVSLA16: 16 Hours/Month                     $117.50    
SVSLA20: 20 Hours/Month                     $115.00    
SVSLA24: 24 Hours/Month                     $112.50    
SVSLA28: 28 Hours/Month                     $110.00    
SVSLA32: 32 Hours/Month                     $107.50    
SVSLA36: 36 Hours/Month                     $105.00    
SVSLA40: 40 Hours/Month                     $102.50    
SVSLA44+: 40 Hours/Month                   $100.00    

Volume Discount Rates are available in incremental blocks of 4 hours each allowing ShareVista to customize the hours based on the Client’s need for SLA Services to be provided 
during normal business hours.

VDR does not apply to After Hour or Emergency Service.

After Hours are SLA Services scheduled by agreement on a weekend, holiday or after normal business hours. Rates for After Hours Service shall be equal to 1.5 X the then applicable VDR.

Emergency Service means any unscheduled need for immediate SLA services required on a weekend, holiday, or after normal business hours. Rates for Emergency Services are equal to 2 X the then applicable SLA Discounted Rate and require written approval from an authorized customer representative.