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Managed Services

We provide background maintenance services, providing clients with the ongoing support that insures efficiency is maintained and problems are minimized. 
• Monitoring of various dynamic systems
• Backup and operating systems updates
• Troubleshooting of issues
• 90 minute guaranteed response time
• Use of Web-Based Client Task Manager 
• Inventory of IT related information


General Support ($150/ hour)

ShareVista will provide IT services as needed on an hourly basis to respond to technology requests involving installation, configuration, and troubleshooting, to name a few.   These are handled on a best-effort basis without any commitment from the client.


Service Level Agreement (SLA) Support

ShareVista provides a contractual service which includes a proactive maintenance plan, monitoring of critical services, a guaranteed 90 minute response time, and other features to insure smooth continuous operations with minimal downtime.  Each client on the plan receives an assigned consultant and in essence the equivalent of their own IT department.  The pricing is tiered based on the number of hours purchased per month.

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Analysis services ($150/ hour)

In cases where a client is either evaluating their current IT resources or considering changes to them, ShareVista will provide a detailed analysis of the requirements and benefits of those modifications from a technology perspective.  This would include an analysis to determine the client’s current context, define a recommended target, and the path to migrate to that target, including steps and costs.   The result is a blueprint which defines the IT steps to an optimal use of technology.